Importance of Flex Development

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These days, numerous rich internet applications has been developed using different platforms. It is worth mentioning that all platforms are not considered equal in developers’ point of view as each rich internet applications development platform have its own unique features and advantages. Flex is one of the most popular rich internet application development platforms.  Keep reading this article if you want to know the reasons the most popular RIA development platform.

Flex is Easy to Learn, Practice and Use

Internet application development is an extensive field and includes many programming languages, platforms and tools. While this may sound quite interesting but usually they are very difficult to understand. In contrast, Flex is a very easy to learn, practice and use. Every programmer having mastery in Java can become an expert Flex developer.

Flex builder 3 is quite same as Eclipse and boasts features like in-built debugger, design editor and build tools which are extremely helpful for a Flex developer.

Flex is a Business Level Framework & Language

Flex programming language is a very typed objected-oriented. Flex has all special features of Java and that’s why it is one of the best platforms for developing entrepreneurial applications.  Flex is also supported by high level framework at the architectural level. Cairngorm and Mate are some of the most popular Flex frameworks that help developers achieve MVC (Model-View-Control) pattern of Flex design.

Flex is Cross Browser Compatible

The biggest advantage of using Flex for RIA development is its cross browser compatibility.  Firefox and Internet Explorer are two most widely used browsers, however, both work differently. Usually, it is noticed that a RIA loads much easily on Firefox but the Internet Explorer is unable to support the latest technologies used for rich internet applications development. On contrast, Flex run are available with all the browsers and that’s why Flex applications are mostly cross browser compatible.

Flex Facilitates Quick Development & Smooth Integration

Flex has many in-built features that make it quite easy for Flex Developers to create a Rich Internet Application that would outclass its competitors.  You will be amazed to know that a project with estimated completion time of 12 months in Java can be completed in approx. 10 months using the Flex.  Moreover, you can easily integrate Flex into other frameworks, thanks to its special components like BlazeDS, WebService, Remote Object, Optional Data Service and HTTP Service.

Flex Provides Best Visual Effects

The biggest reason behind the popularity of Flex is its outstanding visual effects that most of the times, you will find similar to HD Televisions. So, if you really want to develop an exceptional Rich Internet Application, then hire a Flex Development Company for your project.

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Importance of Flex Development

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This article was published on 2011/11/15