Web Development as Compared to Web Design

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There are many people in the virtual world of the internet claiming web development to be the same as web design. In fact, both these terminologies are very different from each other and the following highlights the difference between them.

The difference can become obvious if one focuses on the words "development" and "design".  Web development refers to developing the website to perform the best it can, while web design is just about designing the website with the help of the best available technology.   

Web development includes study of the prospective consumer behavior, designing of the website, using the latest technology, user friendly and simple layout, compatibility with the browser, applying the search engine optimization strategies, inviting maximum traffic, conversion of clicks into buyers, transaction of money, and finally customer satisfaction. Web design is only about how to make a design beautiful, appealing to the buyer and illustrating it with visuals that do not have major effect on the downloading speed of the website.

We can say that web design is a vital aspect of web development, plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the web site but is not synonymous to web development because besides web design, web development encompasses other aspects too.  

Technological advancements such as content management systems (CMS) and programming languages such as PHP 5.2 and Action script 3.0 (AS 3.0) have given new dimension to web development. The CMS facilitates the web developer to easily manage the content of the website as well as the data that is crucial for both the buyer and seller. Web development concerns not only creating a customized website but also bringing necessary amendments to the website so as to increase the return on investment. Web development is not only about taking consumer behavior into consideration but also the behavior of spiders and crawlers of the search engines.

Web development is about the total performance of the website in the virtual world of the internet where as web design is just about how beautiful is the website and about its ease at navigation. The factors influencing web development are far more in number than those affecting web design. With the changing technologies these factors also increase. This proves that web development requires more effort, more expenditure and in depth knowledge than that required for web design. Web design comes to a halt when the website is hosted on the internet but web development never ends because the development in web technologies affect hosting service provider as well as the search engine optimization strategies.  

We can say that web design is a part of web development but web development is not a part of web design.

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Web Development as Compared to Web Design

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This article was published on 2010/10/20